Veronika Hiesinger
& Maria-Nina Oberhagemann
& Anna Jacobi

05.01 / 10.01.2009

Anna Jacobi

Art therapy student My sculptures are locked in typical German old-fashioned household conserving glass. It seems like the little figures are ready to eat. The viewer might be confused between being a visitor and seeing himself in the role of a consumer. And even the sculptures can be seen in many ways; as victims, curiosities, protected species...

My paintings and drawings are made of ancient materials as pigment, bone-glue, on wooden panels. In the tradition of icon techniques, which are surely well known in Bulgaria. These slow techniques are in contrast to the theme that faces our fast going society.

Every human being knows what it feels like if emotions are showed by body expressions (psychosomatic). But what happens if a person in our fast going, consuming society suppresses their own body feelings? - Obesity suffering societies, anorexia....

Veronika Hiesinger

With my pictures I want to open one's mind for a new and undefined place and time. It?s like having a daydream without knowing the scene.

Maria-Nina Oberhagemann

I want o show splinters of a personality. My art should put them together to show the real person.