Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Foreign Art Collection
City Museum of Novi Sad
Dunavska 29, Novi Sad


Curated by Sava Stepanov


Artists :
Ana Adam (Romania), Vladimir Frelih (Croatia), Patricija Gilyte (Germany), Iglika Christova (Bulgaria), Kramar (Austria), Pavlo Makov (Ukraine), Ghenadie Popescu (Moldova), Rudolf Sikora (Slovakia), Mákkai Marta, Andrea Ruttka, Szilágyi Andrea, Fekete Nóra, Eszter Söptei, Villő Steiner (Hungary), Radoš Antonijević, Danica Bićanić, Goran Despotovski, Danica Jevđović, Branimir Karanović, Nikola Majdak Jr., Lazar Marković, Dragan Matić, Ana Nedeljković, Nemanja Nikolić, Ivana Tomanović, Čedomir Vasić, Bosiljka Zirojević Lečić (Serbia)

Dunavski dijalozi/Danube dialogues
20 август в 2:32 ч.

Danube dialogues along the Danube: Iglika Christova (Bulgaria)-Ivana Tomanović (Serbia).

16th August, Gallery Meander, Apatin.

Otvorena još jedna izložba ovogodišnjih Dunavskih dijaloga u Apatinu. Dijalozi niz Dunav: od Apatina do Kladova. Iglika Hristova iz Bugarske i Ana Tomanović iz Srbije. 16.avgust, Galerija Meandar, Apatin.

March - April
17.March - 25.April 



Stefano Bolcato, Danilo Bucchi, Maria M. Bordeariu, Radu Carnariu, Laura Covaci, Darie Dup, Luciano Fabale, Marianna Felicetti, Gerlanda di Francia, Max Ferrigno, Gabriels, Kaloyan Iliev, Loreta Isac, Serena Leardini, Flavia Lupu, Luisa Montalto, Dan Nica, Ileana Oancea, Omino 71, Daria Palotti, Jordan Pancov, Laura Patacchia, Bogdan Pelmus, Magda Pelmus, Elisa Pietrelli, Cristiano Petrucci, Adrian Preda, Natascia Raffio, Adrian Sandu, Silvano Tessarollo, Katja Tukiainen, Elio Varuna, Esteban Villalta Marzi, Deyan Yanev, Valentina Zummo, Adrian Buzduga..


Palazzo del Parlamento di Romania Sala Espositiva “Constantin Brancusi” Izvor nr. 3, Sector 5, Bucharest

Under the patronageof: Istituto di Cultura Italiano in Romania

With the support of : Parliament of Romania

Organization by
Associazione Culturale Studio Soligo
Inauguration : 17 marzo ore 18.30 Date: 18th of March to 25th of April Mon – Fri 9 am -5 pm
+40 214021428

C.A Studio Soligo, one of the most important Italian cultural associations, founded in 1969, with a significant contribution to European cultural changes, will open its gates to wide public on the17 th of March , at 06:30pm at the Palace of Parliament of Romania , “ Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Hall, the exhibition called European Cuteness Art KINDCHENSCHEMA PSEUDOEGO COMMUNITY NARCISSISM , cured by Giancarlo Carpi, Italian critic. The European Cuteness Art [KINDCHENSCHEMA PSEUDOEGO COMMUNITY NARCISSISM] is part of a multinational project called “Contaminazioni 2016” and is sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute and in collaboration with Art Yourself Gallery (Bucharest) Joana Grevers Foundation – 418 Gallery (Bucharest), Arosita Gallery (Sofia) Core Art Gallery (Rome) and Lantana Editore (Rome). Artist from Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Finland and Italy joined for the first time as a team, in their attempt to captivate the public from Romania and Bulgaria. 17th of March 2016 will mark the great opening Of the "Contaminazioni 2016" project, and the works of the artists will be annually exhibited in a similar version but this time in Sofia (September-October) and in Rome (November-December). Parallel events will take place along the whole year 2016 and will gather a few artists and personal exhibitions in partner galleries which would be part of the project. The project will have as final goal the promovation of a catalogue which would be distributed in all three countries, attempting to leave behind the obsolete east-west pattern The visual research of Giancarlo Carpi, certifies some formal, morphological and subject constants, classified according to cuteness esthetics. Taking into account this aesthetical category combines the two concepts: products fetishism and subjectivity mutilation, as well as its own morphological vector,- Kindchenschema - leads to the unique conclusion that it doesn't belong to a single cultural tradition.The exhibition certifies the spread inside the european art of some artistical post-war tendances with deep roots in both the Asian and North-American continent :The Japanese Superflat and the American Pop Surrealism. In a historical-artistical posteriority, which seems to eradicate this european production of an aesthetics referring to the commercial-artistical plan and also to merchandising and the uniform expression of a capitalism connected to economical and cultural globalization, by creating this exhibition it is attempted to headline this trend in certain european countries. On the other hand, there is a constant dispute whether and in what extent this aesthetics is subordinated to other artistical currents, much more related to these countries' tradition.

with: In collaboration

418 Gallery – Bucharest, Romania Arosita Gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria Art Yourself Gallery – Bucharest, Romania Core Gallery– Rome, Italy Lantana Editore - Rome, Italy