Arosita Gallery and Stefan Stoyanov are proud to present

Gabriela von Habsburg / Shaping Shadows

05.03 - 05.04. 2024

Gabriela is famous for her monumental works in many cities around the world (Washington DC, Tbilisi, Astana, Zurich etc.). The artist will present to the Bulgarian audience a series of medium and small size stainless steel sculptures, together with unique graphic works. Since the 1980s Gabriela has been working primarily with stainless steel. The artist’s symbolic sculptural language mixes tension, balance and strength. Half circles, triangles, spheres, simple lines, interact (interplay) and create a specific visual ensemble of shapes and space around shapes. “I like the challenge of saying what I need to say with the most reduced form and least gesture” says von Habsburg. All sculptures share a basic feeling. No form stands alone. They all keep contact with her forms either metrically (by touch) or visually (through congruence of geometric configuration). All the formal elements whether flat, concave or convex rounded to form and arc, fitted to form and triangle-all the formal elements form space, draw space into their own dynamics, bridge space and transform space. The pieces are to be touched, moved and experienced. These sculptures untie with the space around them and create a new space, a space of illusion. The exhibition also features several monotypes. These lithographic works are unique as the artist works repeatedly on each paper using different techniques. The monotypes are inspired and produced using the same composition as these of the sculptures and their shapes.

Gabriela von Habsburg was born in Luxembourg in 1956. She is a sculptor and an Art Professor. She is also a former diplomat as Ambassador of Georgia to Germany from 2010 until 2013.
‘Just as in music the pause intensifies the expression. Sculpture also makes its impact through deliberately-created empty spaces and voids. A sculpture is an engagement with space’ – Gabriela von Habsburg
Gabriela von Habsburg creates mainly nonfigurative stainless steel sculptures. She also composes Lithographs using the original craft technique. Every year she holds several international exhibitions. Since the 1990s she has notably been active in several Eastern European countries in addition to working in the US and other parts of Europe.

Solo Exhibitions
2014      Galerie M Beck, Saarbrücken
2014      Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2014      AB Gallery, Lucerne (Switzerland)
2014      Gallery Avec Elize, Riga (Latvia)
2015      Münchner Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz
2015      Galerie im Grauen Haus, Munich
2015      Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2015      Museum im Schloss Elisabethenburg, Meiningen
2016      Schloßpavillon Ismaning
2017      Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Schloß Mochental
2017      Werkhaus Munich
2018      Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2018      Galerie Bagnato, Konstanz
2019      Pavillon, Kloster Beuerberg, Freisinger Diazösanmuseum
2019      Nationalmuseum, Tbilisi, Georgia
2019      Goethe Institut, Tbilisi, Georgia
2019      Museum Schloß Mochental, Germany
2020      Künstlerhaus Munich
2020      Autorengalerie 1 Munich
2021      Kunsthaus 7B, Cisnǎdioara, Siebenbürgen
2021     So close and so far away - Burgas, Bulgaria
2021     Spaţiu între - In Between - Cisnǎdioara, Romania
2021     Mykonos Biennale 2021-1821
2021     You can say that again - Sofia, Bulgaria

Group exhibitions
2004      Isardamm, Geretsried
2004      Galerie Marschall, Bernried
2005      Kunstwoche Jesteburg
2005      Theresientalhalle, Gmunden (Austria)
2006      Kunstwoche Jesteburg
2007      ART Madrid (Spain)
2008      Art Bozen mit Drissien Galerie, Munich
2009      Oriol Gallery, Munich
2011      Georgia Berlin Galerie
2012      Kulturforum, Hungarian Embassy, Berlin
2012      GeWo galerie, Marburg
2013      Muri-ART Galerie und Kulturevents (Switzerland)
2019      Biennale Internationale Donna, Triest, Italy

Public installations
1985 Museum of the State of Tyrolya (Ferdinandeum), Innsbruck, Austria
1990 National Academy of Science, Washington D.C.
1994 Voest Alpine MCE, Linz, Austria
1994 Achmatowa Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
1994 Museion Bozen, Bolzano, Italy
1995 Museum for foreign Art, Riga, Latvia
1996 Museum Würth, Künzelsau, Germany
1997 Municipal Gallery of Budapest, Hungary
1998 City Museum of Skopje, Macedonia
1998 Galeria Murska Sobota, Slovenia
2004 Skulpturschweiz Foundation Sculpture park, Luzern, Switzerland
2007 Monument of the Rose Revolution in Georgia
2009 Monument to the Three Powers in the State, at the Ceremonial Palace of Georgia in Georgia