Moments of Awkwardness

Alina Papazova & Teodor Genov

15.12.2023 - 01.01.2024

In the last days of the year Alina Papazova and Teodor Genov will present their joint exhibition Moments of Awkwardness. In it they start from those moments of awkwardness, of experiment and uncertainty that accompany the life of a young artist. In this sense, the exhibition is primarily "artist's" - about what it is to make art and how to put your head above water and experience the pleasure of it again when you are flooded with questions and doubts.

Am I an artist even when I'm not exactly making a painting? Does my work have to be politically engaged to be relevant today? Can art really be anything other than a hobby? Do I fit into the art scene?

The exhibition includes new drawings and objects by Theodor Genov, drawings, ceramics and textile objects by Alina Papazova, and a collaborative media installation.