Nora Ampova

15.12.2022 – 13.01.2023

Modern physicists reject the theory of the hypothetical tachyon particle, but I am attracted to the idea of its existence. According to physicist Gerald Feinberg, this particle can travel faster than light. The name comes from the Greek “tachy,” meaning swift. The tachyon is impenetrable, and through its abnormality, it can travel through space and time.

 When I became aware of this theory, it was natural for me to make it the focus of my latest project. Since the beginning of this year, I have been creating small collages that I construct by cutting pieces of perspectives and superimposing spatial dimensions. I have developed some of the narratives of "Tachyon" by creating new paintings on canvas, some of which are monumental in size. Through these works, I reveal different segments of time, of past and of future, of memories and fiction. Often, in the compositions, I place a figure or an object through which this multi-layer journey can take place.

 The more I develop this theme in my canvases, the more I wonder if the tachyon isn't on the flip side? Isn't it the spectator that dreams of the superpower to travel through space and time?

Nora Ampova


This project was made possible with the financial support of National Culture Fund  Artistic Scholarships Programme, Bulgaria.

Nora Ampova(born 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a visual artist, based in  Sofia(BG). Her art contains a sincere and candid quality. Nora’s works reveal personal messages infused with irony. They often contain a social focus. In her projects, Nora explores modern life by asking questions and seeking their answers.

2014 Graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia with a MA in Fine Arts.

2013 Graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia with a BA in Fine Arts.

2011 Erasmus Program - University of Hertfordshire,UK 2008 Graduated from the National High School of Fine Arts in Sofia.

Selected independent projects:

Total internal reflection 2021-2022, Little Bird Place Gallery, Sofia

Stories from the cloud 2021, Nuance Gallery, Sofia

One billion seconds 2020, Doza Gallery, Sofia

Cosmos 2018, Unicredit Studio, Sofia

Hide and seek 2016, City Art Gallery, Mytilene - island of Lesbos, Greece

Selected collective projects:

Tresholds and scars - National Autumn Exhibitions 2021, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Next Step Generation 2015, European Commission, Brussels

Image and Likeness 2015, National Gallery, Sofia

Caution: Fresh Paint 2015, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia

My name is artist 2014, Hugo Voeten Art Center, Antwerp, Belgium