Exhibition – Original Posters of Christo and Jeanne-Claude

1 - 15.09.2020

From the collection of Process- Space Art Festival

This exhibition is realized in memory of Dimitar Grozdanov – art historian and founder of Process – Space Art Festival and Christo – a world-famous figure in contemporary art, who left us in 2020.

In the far 1992 the first Process – Space Art Festival took place in Balchik, a place not coincidentally chosen for holding an international forum for the art of unconventional forms. Dimitar Grozdanov then invited Bulgarian authors and authors from the Balkans to participate. He invites Christo as well. Christo does not come to Balchik, but instead he sends hand-signed posters of his projects and realized works to support the initiative.


In 1993 in Gallery Balchik, the posters were exhibited as an installation with Christo's typical packaging tech-niques. Then, the same year, the exhibition was held in Sofia in Sedets Hall. In 1994 it was presented at the Mu-seum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, and at the opening of the exhibition a speech was given by Boris Klimen-tiev. In 1996 the posters were exhibited in the National Gallery in Prague. The commissioner of the exhibition at the time was Elena Panayotova.

The first issue of “Izkustvo – Art in Bulgaria” Art Magazine was released in that same 1993 year, who’s head edi-tor till 2003, (when the last 100th magazine was issued) is Dimitar Grozdanov. Precisely in this first issue are published several articles about Christo and Process – Space Art Festival as an idea and concept. The authors of the articles are Lachezar Boyadzhiev, Georgi Todorov, Dimitar Grozdanov and an article about Christo with quota-tion from “Art in Australia” Art Magazine.

Today we have the opportunity to see original posters of works, some of which have become emblematic of the duo Cristo and Jean-Claude. The exposition contains 10 posters and 4 articles from “Izkustvo – Art in Bulgaria” Art Magazine. In the exhibition one can also find aditional information about the projects and their realization, which is borrowed from the official webpage of Christo and Jeanne-Claude and other internet sources.

Thanks to Elena Panayotova, Boris Klimentiev and Marina Grozdanova for the information and archive provided regarding the previous publications and exhibitions of the collection.

Penka Mincheva

Organizers of the exhibition are the team of Festival Process - Space –

Penka Mincheva and Hristina Bobokova