Slav Nedev


I would like this exhibition to offer fewer words and more observation; to let objects speak in silence, and people to feel and think for themselves.

What is an object? Various interpretations of this concept are possible. Here it has the simple meaning of something we can observe. Something we perceive as external to the observer (subject) and which can be seen by him and others. In our (Western) culture "objectively" has acquired the meaning of "commonality" and hence of "real"... because it is assumed that it is not influenced by personal (subjective) feelings or attitudes. However, this is only apparent. In the process of experiencing the object, we put into it our soul, our pre-existing contents. Even when we see something new in an object, we actually find something unknown in ourselves. An endless process in which the subject objectify themselves. Projecting their inner world on objects, the subject experiences themselves in the world.

There are objects in the exhibition that carry a specific idea. Others can be perceived more intuitively. There are also those who are subject to pure contemplation.

Let everyone discover in them what they carry within themselves and if they can... something else.


Slav Nedev