By Yonko Vasilev aka YO./.KO


Curator Tsvetelina Anastasova

Following the success of „YONKO’S ROOM“, the author now makes a comeback with a new

project entitled „UNDER CONSTRUCTION“. It is a sort of an introduction to the initial stage of a future project named „PANTONE YO/KO” and subtitled „FATAL BLUE“.

Yonko steps out of the bounds of his room and delves into the allure of the colour blue that

has inspired quite a multitude of = artists throughout the centuries.

 Why fatal blue?

 Art history abounds in examples of renowned artists and painters, such as for example Yves Klein (1928 –1962, who have made an artistic career out of the colour blue. Hence it is all too natural for the public to make hasty analogies with other art pieces or to even suspect the author of plagiarism. Yet, this is a risk that the author is willing to take for as he himself notes, „I cannot control other people’s perceptions… Those of the viewers! What prevails is my inner need to immerse myself in the magnetism of precisely this nuance of the colour blue, which by the way has nothing to do with Klein’s blue…”

 And what is most important is that the author is undergoing a stage of his life where he feels fully connected to the psychology of this colour!

 Scientific research proves that the blue colour is associated with reliability and stamina; hence

many corporate logos come in the various nuances of that colour. In past times the blue colour (the blue pigment) has been more expensive than gold as it was produced from the lapis lazuli stone which could be found only in Afghanistan. It was used for ornamental purposes, for example as colouring of a royal cloak or coat. The commissioner of the artwork or the piece of craftsmanship was obliged to specifically point out the exact quantity of blue that would be needed.