03 - 20. 04. 2014

In the Winter of 2013,1 started working on my Short Stories series. Somehow in the creative process, they turned out to be Short (Sea) Stories. I am fascinated by the topography of imaginary lands and waters: mapping memories, longing for discoveries and roaming the wide Sea.The Sea, as a source of healing and of harrowing stories, animates the series. I spin my nautical tales by taking inspiration from old maps.

I havealways been influenced by words and images, and by the relationship between them; my background as an illustrator prompts me to follow a narrative thread that weaves together a body of work. There's a tale, a memory, a bit of shared wisdom, behind every print I pull and every stroke I make on paper. But still,

I need the feel of terra firma (represented by the black ink in my monotypes) to center myself and my images; to enjoy the visual play between bouncing, exuberant colours and sharp lines scratched out of the black; to be grounded, yet free.

This is an exploration in monotype, a printing technique that allows for a lot of spontaneity and swift expression. The combination of stark black ink and lush oil paints lends itself to layering in a narrative way.

All of the images were created over the last rwo months, and every day at St. Michael's Printshop has been a gift.