Sonia Kovatcheva

17-31.05. 2013г.

In May 2012 I was resident in Villa Waldberta, Munich.

Villa Waldberta is residence of the Cultural Department of City of Munich and it is Meeting Place for Artists.

My work  is concentrated on the ornaments – its variety and symbolism.

The atmosphere of  Villa Waldberta enriched me with its great diversity and culture. Aristocratic and eclectic, modern and artistic in the same time.

I am focusing on the creation of a series of drawings with the technique of frottage, including ornaments from the furniture in Villa Waldberta. I created my art works by selecting different ornaments and details typical for me.

I enjoyed using ornaments from different regions of the world as they are a source of ideas, symbols and philosophies. They give me inspiration and exchange of information on the art of different cultures, and reflect my personal attitude.

The atmosphere in Villa Waldberta is very curious and magnetic for me. That is why I created my works in a search of  connection between the spirit of different ornaments from various countries and the spirit of the people who have touched them during the years.