Nikolay Petkov

24.04 - 10.05.2013

The exhibition consists of 14 canvases and watercolors with sizes between 32 and 80cm, painted in 2010-12, and titled:  Light, Tricolor, Corner, Keeping the demons at bay, Besides, Figurative painting, Abstract motive, Distinction, Golden frame, Present, Motive, Memorial place, Horizon, after Barnett Newman, Margin. 


“We are for flat forms because they destroy illusion and reveal truth.”

Adolph Gottlieb, Marc Rothko and Barnett Newman, 1943


“Suddenly ‘low-brow’ and ‘high-brow’ exchanged places and those of us, interested in cultural practices, tastes and values of common people, were amazed to find out that the object of their scientific curiosity had occupied the center of the cultural space – a center, build up of folklore kitsch, patriotic mythology, tabloid gossip and cultural franchising.”

Ivaylo Ditchev, 2006