Snejana Simeonova

04 – 18.09.2012

Communication is the main characteristic and condition for social interaction. Contact in and of itself – as a process and a completed action – is not, however, an automatic or reflexive act. Underlying this contact are prejudices, categorizations, cultural and class restrictions and psychological complexes. Frequently, contact between people is impaired, one-sided, incomprehensible, and therefore cannot be realized effectively. Reasons for this are varied and sometimes hard to define; for humans seeking contact, it can even be painful. The exhibition explores this problem – the fear of miscomprehension and the failure to communicate, which can become more fraught over time. Impairment of thinking, as well as the extremity of the discourse and the confusion of the messages: all this creates an impenetrable structure in which chaos, miscommunication and isolation reign. It is not infrequent that lives pass by in a state of isolation and confusion in this hostile and aggressive space, whose plastic representation is the subject of the current exposition.