Neli Ouzounova

Artist Statement


I research the idea of a house being a symbol for memory, and memory being a major component in our sense of identity.

This series of digital/monotype prints communicate the idea that the fabric we are all made of is formed from fleeting but powerful memories throughout our lives. Memories help us understand who we are and enrich us with the comfort of experience. The memory of home can be a psychological place filled with complexities of family, identity or culture. And although not always the same vision, we all carry the notion of home with us, informed by our sense of self and sense of culture.

I bring awareness to the concept of finding a sense of place. Whether one moves across state or across the ocean, there is always a feeling of being alienated and an urge to connect. I explore the desire to find a sense of belonging to a place or community, through a depiction of a house as a symbol for memory and a source for identity.