Nikolay Petkov - painting exhibition

20 January - 2 February

The term study has been familiar to me since the beginning of my art education, when it traditionally implied a clear distinction between an exercise or preliminary, and the genuine masterpiece. Now, when contemporary art is not expected to offer masterpieces, and least of all painting is expected to present masterpieces of contemporary art, it seems relevant to me to see my works as studies. Positively the paintings in this exhibition have been thought and made as studies – of certain objects, problems, relations.

The exhibition includes the canvases Order I, 2003, 50/60cm, Svilen’ s brush (caput mortuum violet, terre verte), 2010, 90/70cm, Svilen’ s brush (terre verte, caput mortuum violet), 2010, 90/70cm, Ochra krasnaya, 2010, 70/90cm, Raw sienna, 2010, 70/90cm, Morgan’ s canvases A –D, 2010, 70/70cm each, Study D, 2010, 50/40cm, and Study I, 2010, 40/50cm, all painted with oil.