Bitter with color of copper

Desislava Deneva

11 - 19 May 2010

Copper with the Latin name “coprum” is a virgin metal that ancient forget cold and esteemed as an early symbol of warmth and light. In ancient China the newly-married couple has received pierced coins of “tun” (pure copper) in order to remain together forever, because the world “tun” meant also “together” and according to the antique tradition the copper age is the connecting link between the past and the present.

The signs of time frozen in the metal are challenge for me. I am using the signs as a key that allows me to understand and come to know the “tangible”. By the way, the “tangibility” is also a symbolic conception describing the desire to touch what we have seen. The sign bears the meaning of something which goes out of its banal form. Proto-Bulgarian runes symbolize the idea of Universe. For example IYI i.e “world tree” designates the directions - “upwards – sky”, „downwards – earth”, family, cultural belonging and has sacral essence.

But now the growing abstractness and rationalization of the reflective world destroy the uniqueness. Confused in the avalanche of images - clichés we react by looking for our conceptions, our own perusal. The expressiveness and figurativeness of old intuitive structures give place to the new figurative language. During my „long journey” I wandered up and down in different directions, looking for my way of expression and dare to assure you that the journey was worth.

Desislava Deneva